"Every time you sit down to write a script, you say to yourself, My God, will I know how to do it? Even though you’ve been doing it all your adult life. But then you begin to work, and it all comes back. That’s the fun of it."

"As a freelance writer, in order to survive, is a consummate juggler. He has to be versatile. In order to do a show, I research it."

“Not only was I a founder of UCP (United Cerebral Palsy), but I feel that my story - the script that I wrote - played a tremendous part in helping UCP become a reality. And that’s one of the reasons why, in later years, I would go to the problems of society to find a lot of my material. I felt that was part of my function as a writer.

"You have to like what you’re doing. If you’re doing what you did five years ago, the excitement goes out of your writing. In this business, you have to be excited all the time."

"Writers want what all of us want and need. The dignity of fair pay for honest work."