The Alvin Boretz collection at the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research contains documentation related to Boretz's nearly sixty-year-long career across various media industries. He writes across mediums, eras, and cultures in a way that uncovers noteworthy aspects of each subject he explores in his work. Each exhibit (radio, television, film, radio, and projects) is designed to illuminate Boretz's boundless creativity and fierce interest in continually learning new facts about the world.

Throughout his work across the industries, Boretz was constantly fascinated by stories that revolved around humanity and the difficulties people faced in various circumstances. By exploring his personal history, the archive is able to provide more context for his most influential work, the pieces that were undeveloped, and his continuous drive during his career.

The following sections are dedicated to the life and legacy of Alvin Boretz.

Alvin in his home office