"Writing is a great responsibility. It should help people see that they are not alone in their problems, that they can survive and that they must go on. Art is a way out of bewilderment" - Alvin Boretz

Alvin Boretz

The Alvin Boretz collection at the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research includes scripts, notes, and correspondence from his prolific career as a screenwriter in radio, television, film, and theater. The exhibits on this website help introduce Alvin Boretz's writings by focusing on his time working in radio, television, film, and theater through a curated group of items.

This collection’s significance rests both in the primary materials from Boretz’s career and in the research material that he painstakingly compiled for each of his projects. Documents, newspaper clippings, and letters are prominently displayed throughout the Boretz collection. This archive will show the wide impact and scope of Boretz's work that reaches far beyond the realm of film and media studies..

This website is a project of the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, with support from the Boretz Family. The website and exhibits were created by project assistant Samantha Janes in 2023. The website was migrated to Omeka S by Ben Pettis in 2024.